Senator Dianne Feinstein toured Fresno County during a visit on Thursday (June 1).

She started at Terra Nova Farms in Helm.

Then, former Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin hosted Feinstein for a luncheon attended by about 400 people. While the gala benefited charity CV Promise, many came to hear the senator’s thoughts on water.

Feinstein talked about the need for both parties to work together. “The water bill in the House is the product of one party. They didn’t share it with the other party. They didn’t have a single public hearing on the biggest bill to come before the Congress with the most impact on Americans and in particular, Californians,” she told the audience.

Health care and immigration were also topics discussed. Feinstein had advice for Fresno. “Fresno is getting better, and better and better. I remember 30 to 40 years ago, and now it’s totally different. You do have something to sell, but you have to sell it.

Feinstein also talked about Trump’s social media habits. “I don’t think you can be President of the United States and put your views through with tweets. I don’t think you can reinforce yourself just with your base,” Feinstein said.

Finally, Feinstein met with a roundtable at the Fresno Police Department to discuss human trafficking.


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