Immigration issues are important to Alex Padilla. California’s Secretary of State once again paid a visit to Fresno to speak at the monthly naturalization ceremony held Tuesday (May 16) at Valdez Hall. Before his keynote address, Padilla spoke with GV Wire.

Padilla disagreed with a panel President Donald Trump created to investigate voter fraud in the 2016 election. “We take the issue of voter fraud very seriously,” Padilla said. “It is absolutely false what he (Trump) alleged that there is millions of illegal votes.” Padilla called the commission a distraction for Trump’s recent controversies involving Russia.

When asked if focusing on the president rather than California issues is best for the state, Padilla defended himself and fellow Democrats. “We are standing up for California.” Padilla said Californians should be offended over the repealing of the American Health Care Act and the roll back of environmental policies.

In front of an audience filled with hundreds of new Americans, Padilla told GV Wire that comprehensive immigration reform is needed. Asked if one day unauthorized aliens would be allowed to vote at any level, Padilla would not rule out such a proposition. “To deviate from that (not allowing non-citizens to vote) would require a constitutional amendment. We would respect whatever the California people say,” Padilla said.

As far as his own election plans, Padilla intends to seek re-election as Secretary of State. As for beyond that, Padilla says, “We’ll see what the future holds.”


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2 Responses

  1. Monadnock Man

    No! After servicing 22.5 years in the military during the cold war and twice had an opportunity to exercise my citizenship rights standing up as a witness to for a new citizen back in 1969, which was of the highlights of my American Heritage. Later I spend over 1-year screwing with two US government agencies as I was marrying a European Citizen and was servicing on active military service, and the treatment I received was abysmal at best and down right degrading at worst because neither Agency ever talked to the other.

    So in the interest of government unions requiring higher pay for less work, some dolt decided to alter the rules and open the doors. Still today no one government bureaucrat or politician has figured out the current methodology is killing a country.

    So until common sense abounds, I support the vetting requirements of old and nothing less.


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