[Clarifications/update Feb. 9: While the White House said Trump addressed the Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA), Sheriff Mims was in Washington as part of the Major County Sheriffs’ Association conference, held in conjunction with the MCCA.]

Fresno Sheriff Margaret Mims attended the Major County Sheriffs’ Association meeting in Washington D.C. this week. President Trump addressed the national law enforcement group this morning (February 8), pledging his support.

“I believe he means what he says, how he is going to listen to how people actually doing the enforcement ,” Mims told GV Wire over the phone.

Mims was also encouraged on Trump’s views of treating the mentally ill.

“As part of our commitment to safe communities, we will also work to address the mental health crisis. Prisons should not be a substitute for treatment. We will fight to increase access to life-saving treatment to battle the addiction to drugs, which is afflicting our nation like never ever before — ever,” Trump said.

“That was a very wise statement. It has been an issue in our county. We end up with people with dual diagnoses, like a mental illness and also have a substance abuse problem,” Mims says.

Although Trump didn’t mention anything specifically about sanctuary cities, Mims is not even sure what the official definition means. “That term has become so poisonous…it is counter-productive.”

Federal immigration officials are stationed at the County Jail. Mims explained that Immigration will check status based on voluntary statements made by inmates who say they were born outside of the United States. Mims says inmates are not required to talk to ICE (Immigration, Customs and Enforcement), but they can still be put on an immigration hold if other evidence (such as an ID) suggests they are in the country illegally.

Mims also says that deputies will not ask or check immigration status after making an arrest. “There is no database for deputies to know if someone here illegally.” However, that information may be available on a warrant check.

Donald Trump speech to MCCA:

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