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Hundreds rally for immigrants at Fresno City Hall



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Could Fresno become a sanctuary city?

Lee Brand told the Fresno Bee no earlier this week. At Thursday’s council meeting, Esmeralda Soria expressed her solidarity with the immigrant community during her council report. Dr. Garry Bredefeld also talked about the subject, saying he agrees with Brand.

Friday, hundreds gathered in front of city hall on behalf of immigrants, legal or not. They heard spiritual messages, comments from political leaders and an emotional story of an immigrant in Spanish.

Assemblyman Dr. Joaquin Arambula vowed to stand with immigrants. “An assault on one of us is an assault on all of us. We have to find a way to start fighting ignorance and start supporting our immigrants,” he told the crowd. “I have a dream that we are all the same.”

Soria also addressed the crowd, repeating her commitment to immigrants. She said in her conversations with Fresno Police Jerry Dyer, the only intend to force local laws, not federal immigration laws.

The protestors held signs advocating for Brand to change his mind and declare Fresno a sanctuary city.

The event was just one of several that were held Friday on the topic of immigration.

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