At the end of last year when Fresno Unified Superintendent Michael Hanson announced his plan to leave his post in August 2017, that gave him nearly nine months left on the job. The teachers’ union wants that to come sooner.

As first reported in the Fresno Bee, Fresno Teachers Association president Tish Rice spoke to the board at Wednesday’s meeting. “Our professional educators and trades members say do what’s best for students, for educators and for the future of this district by encouraging him to leave immediately,” she opened her comments.

Rice said with Hanson’s exit announcement, there is renewed hope among educators for professionalism to return. “I ask this board to reach a compromise with the superintendent that results in him leaving this district as soon as legally possible.”

The FTA is in contentious labor negotiations with the district and have criticized Hanson in the past. “The school board needs to reflect whether they want a superintendent who is leaving to represent them for a contract that will be in affect long after he is gone,” Rice said.

Because Rice’s remarks were made during open comment period of the board meeting, the Fresno Unified trustees did not formally respond.

The following night, on Thursday January 12, the school board held a special closed door meeting to discuss personnel matters. Afterward, the Board said no reportable decision was made, nor what the exact subject matter was.

The fact that such a meeting was held irked some trustees. During Wednesday’s regular meeting, trustee Christopher De La Cerda complained about scheduling a meeting when some trustees would not be able to attend. Colleague Valerie Davis concurred.

According to the Bee, De La Cerda, Davis and Cal Johnson did not attend.

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