The sun shone down upon central Fresno on a Saturday afternoon after the presidential election. It was a beautiful day for a protest. Hundreds gathered on the four street corners intersecting the city’s main business thoroughfare: Shaw & Blackstone. They chanted and jeered. Young and old, black and white held signs to express their disgust over President-elect Donald Trump.

Unlike protest in major cities across this land, this event remained peaceful. Protesters stayed on sidewalks. While the language may have been rough, anti-Trumpers behaved, even when “debating” with a handful of Trump supporters who blended in with the throngs.

Many signs read “Trump is Not My President.” Some included profanity. Another woman took a Sharpie to her white dress to tell Mr. Trump where he cannot grab.

Organized by the Fresno People’s Media Facebook page, the protest maintained its goals as a peaceful gathering. Traffic flowed freely as many cars honked with approval.

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