CEO compensation

How Does Your Pay Stack Up Against Top CEOs?

Here are the top-paid CEOs by state for 2017, as calculated by The Associated Press and Equilar, an executive data firm. Michael Rapino, boss of Live Nation Entertainment, led the way in California at $70.6 million. Frank J. Bisignano, of Georgia-based F...
Harvey Weinstein

Weinstein Faces Sex Charges in Prosecution Amid #MeToo

NEW YORK — Flinching when he heard himself described as a man who used power to prey on women, Harvey Weinstein was arraigned Friday on charges of rape and a criminal sex act in the first criminal prosecution to result from the wave of allegations against him ...
Trump tweet

Trump Can’t Block You on Twitter, Judge Rules

NEW YORK — President Donald Trump violates the First Amendment when he blocks critics on Twitter because of their political views, a judge ruled Wednesday. U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald in Manhattan stopped short in her written decision of orderi...
Loch Ness Monster

DNA Samples Could Decide Loch Ness Monster Legend

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — The stories seem as tall as the lake is deep. For hundreds of years, visitors to Scotland's Loch Ness have described seeing a monster that some believe lurks in the depths. But now ...
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