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Picture of a label, Hello My Name Is Gun Owner

Want To Understand Gun Owners? Watch Their Videos.

It was an ordinary day in 2011, when I found myself watching a YouTube video of a gun owner making a semi-automatic rifle discharge bullets rapidly, as if it were an automatic weapon. My husband, a gun owner, watched firearms videos like this one. But I had...
Students walk and cycle past the centerpiece fountain at Fresno State

Fresno State Students Fear Tweets Backlash: Zante

Fresno State has been a hotbed of free speech in recent years. Professors, students, and community members have all voiced extreme opinions that stir up controversy both locally and nationally. While I stron...

Here’s Why Teachers Across America Are Striking

Teachers from Arizona and Colorado are joining teachers in Oklahoma and Kentucky on the picket line. These teacher strikes will likely intensify the debate among elected officials over where education fits in state budget priorities. They may also prompt Am...
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