Ivanka Trump Hits Fresno For GOP Fundraiser

Unless you shelled out up to $5,000, the closest anyone could get to Ivanka Trump on Monday in Fresno was hundreds of feet away, separated by a wrought-iron fence. The First Daughter and presidential adviser appeared at a fundraiser to raise money for Prote...
Photo of a combine harvesting hemp in a field

McConnell Eyes Farm Bill as Path To Legal Hemp

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants something to replace the faltering cash crop of tobacco in his home state of Kentucky. It's clear that he has found it: hemp. Sen. McConnell wants the federal government to take hemp off its list ...
Photo of steel fence protecting the border between Mexico and the United States at the Tinajas Altas Mountains in Arizona.

ICE Gets More Prison Space for Immigrant Detainees

NPR is reporting that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says it has acquired new space in federal prisons to house immigrant detainees — more than 1,600 beds. An ICE spokeswoman attributed the need for the additional beds to a "current surge in illeg...
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