Photo of mountain lion kittens born in Southern California

Oh, So Cute! Mountain Lion Kittens Found in SoCal

THOUSAND OAKS — Four new mountain lion kittens have been found by researchers studying the wild cats living in Southern California's Santa Monica Mountains, wildlife officials announced in video posts Tuesday showing the blue-eyed babies meowing and one feisty...

Ivanka Trump Hits Fresno For GOP Fundraiser

Unless you shelled out up to $5,000, the closest anyone could get to Ivanka Trump on Monday in Fresno was hundreds of feet away, separated by a wrought-iron fence. The First Daughter and presidential adviser...
Photo of a roll of "I voted" stickers

Voting Option Boosts Turnout For Madera & Other Counties

SACRAMENTO — Election officials in five California counties that mailed ballots to every voter for this month's primary said the new model appears to have boosted turnout. Counties were still counting ballots from the June 5 primary, so turnout numbers were...
Photo of one of the 700 grizzlies in the Yellowstone region

Grizzly Bears in California? The Dream Lives.

In 2014, an environmental group began a "Bring Back the Bears" petition drive in California that has attracted almost 20,000 signatures. Additionally, research shows that a section along the crest of the Sie...
Illustration of a politician with a trick behind his back

State Politicians Still Up to their Sneaky Tricks: Walters

Californians like transparency when its comes to their elected leaders. Voters demanded that legislation be printed three days in advance when Proposition 54 passed in 2016. 'Mushroom Bills' Grow in the Dark But as CALmatters columnist Dan Walters notes i...
Photo of a combine harvesting hemp in a field

McConnell Eyes Farm Bill as Path To Legal Hemp

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants something to replace the faltering cash crop of tobacco in his home state of Kentucky. It's clear that he has found it: hemp. Sen. McConnell wants...
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