In Sunday’s CALmatters column, Dan Walters describes what he perceives to be a culture shift in the state capitol.

In particular, Walters discusses the slowly-turning wheels of change when sexual harassment and assault by those in power is in question.

Walters states: “In the past, accusations of harassment by a political figure either were covered up or attracted only momentary public and media attention. But those days are over.”

As we are seeing now, Walters writes, a trickle of allegations has quickly turned into a steady stream of claims. At this point, three current legislators face accusations of misconduct.

These lawmakers are being held accountable to an extent previously unseen, according to Walters.

And, while obviously damaging for those accused, Walters highlights the collateral damage which could be dealt to leaders who seemingly turned a blind eye to these issues.

Among the most prominent to be placed in hot water by these scandals is Senate President Pro Tem and U.S. Senate candidate Kevin de León.

In leading a house that is less responsive to these sort of claims, Walters states that de León will now likely be held accountable for the perceived inaction by his powerful opponent, Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

To get Walters’ take on the fallout of the ongoing scandals at the capitol, read more here: Capitol’s sex harassment scandal not going away


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