In today’s CALmatters column, Dan Walters discusses the political fallout of Senator Dianne Feinstein’s decision to seek reelection and considers the future potential such a decision holds for other California politicians.

Walters suggests that the signs – declining approval rating in an increasingly left-leaning state, a stable of potential replacements, and the age and health of herself and husband, Richard Blum – seem to be pointing to a mid-term retirement if she is successful in achieving reelection. If such an event comes to pass, it would have tremendous impact on the political scene, as Walters notes, setting off a “feeding frenzy” of those hoping for an appointment from the new governor to fill the seat.

This would invite interest from a wide swath of possible replacements and would create a hyper-energized political environment as the new governor deliberated.

To read more from Walters on the topic, click here: Political gears shift as Feinstein declares re-election bid

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Drew Phelps has a knack for mining complex data, a skill he honed while working on several local political campaigns. At GV Wire, Phelps regularly conducts extensive research and goes on lengthy fact-checking missions. Phelps graduated from Pitzer College with a bachelor’s in political studies and then went on to obtain a master’s degree from Claremont Graduate University in American politics.

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