It’s being called a groundbreaking program. A pathway for Fresno Unified students to obtain a medical degree.

The school district and California Health Sciences University (CHSU) will announce a partnership to fast track high school students through a two- or four-year college and into CHSU.

It is the continuation of career technical education, long championed by school board president Brooke Ashjian.

“Kids will take the curriculum. And, if they take all the curriculum and if they are good students, they will take a couple of years of a junior college or in conjunction with a four-year college,” Ashjian said. “The Assemi family has guaranteed 20 seats for Fresno Unified kids. Twenty seats are guaranteed for those kids to sit in that medical college. It is revolutionary of what they’ve done. The generosity is beyond understanding.”

The Assemi Family founded CHSU. They also own Granville Homes, which is the corporate owner of GV Wire.

Also in town for support is state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson.  He says it is important to keep students local.

“It is the idea of growing your own, having local students get excited about career pathways while in they are high school, then working with the community colleges and then from there getting into the university program and medical school program,” Torlakson said.


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